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Dora, the TipsetExplorer

The Graph-like Event indexer, for the FEVM, where you specify Handlers. Handlers can be by Smart Contract or default Handlers for a specific Event.

Winner at FVM Space Warp
🛸 Filecoin & IPFS — 🥇 FVM Spaceships category

Dora is the first Event indexer working on the Filecoin Virtual Machine.

What does it solve

Indexing blockchain events is crucial for dApps as it enables quick and efficient access to relevant data stored on the blockchain, which is required for executing Smart Contracts and providing a seamless user experience.

Without indexing, the process of searching and retrieving data from the blockchain would be slow and cumbersome, negatively impacting the functionality and usability of dApps.


Here are the features that are currently deployed, you can find more information about the technical details here .

Index Smart Contracts on demand
Each Smart Contract has its separate Process to handle Indexing
Fault tolerance at in-memory level


Explore our playground, where you can interact with an example Dora app and check what'd be returned for that Endpoint.

Fly.io is our suggested service for your custom deployment, as we already have all the necessary configuration files. Alternatively, you can choose other options that best fit your needs and resources.

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Dora handlers

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